Are you living an authentic life?

No one can be truly happy if one’s life is not authentic. Authentic means that it is truly yours, coming from your source. Therefore not from your parents, your teachers, the movies, from social or traditional conditioning, but from YOU, from your core, your essence.

Education is not authentic.

Still today education fails to give our children what they would need in order to find their own truth, values and authenticity. Society still forms the new generations according their blueprint. Conformity however leaves man insecure and unhappy deep within. The vast majority of people on the earth suffer an often unconscious unhappiness which makes them vulnerable to become convenient customers of an industry that sells us substitutes.

A lifestyle of substitutes.

Most of us have become dependent on substitutes like entertainment, unhealthy food pleasures, luxury articles, intoxicating substances, and so on and so forth. Other escape routes from the inner pain of living a second-hand life are workaholism, sexism, narcoticism and the whole range of modern society disorders: panic attacks, anxiety, burn-out, bore-out, depression, just to name a few.

Anybody taking a good look at our world can tell very soon that something profoundly is going wrong. Something essential is missing. And the more we try to fix it the more we seem to fail.

What is missing?

From my perspective, taking all possible factors into consideration, it all boils down to this one thing, in conclusion: what’s missing is people living authentic lives.

Those lucky to have stumbled into an authentic life are happy human beings. Happiness is, when nothing is missing. An authentic life doesn’t need anything specific. It’s happiness is it’s own authenticity. The alpha and the omega are not separate, there’s no beginning and no end.

Now what?

The first step into making your life authentic is to clean out all inauthenticity. You need to be willing and courageous to admit all the lies and compromises you live. And then well, stop it. No other way. Walk away from what’s not true in your life. With the lies disappearing your energy changes. And the new energy IS the energy of authenticity.

What is your natural state?

An authentic life allows a person to live in the mysterious Here and Now. From authenticity success springs naturally, effortlessly. Authenticity is whole and healthy in itself. Love is the natural state a person experiences when they live authentically. Love for themselves, love for others, love for the world and love for life.

With love, Marc Steinberg

(Marc is founder of Creative Consciousness and author of all trainings and retreats)

Many people are longing for a more authentic life, a life not driven by circumstances, scarcity, or compromised by society. Are you one of them then consider joining us in our Master 1 and start cleaning up all that is inauthentic in your life.