A long time ago already I became very aware how people of all walks of life sabotage themselves. They desire to go from A to B, but shoot themselves in the foot every 100 meters, and then get depressed about not making progress!

If you are still believing in historical realties that everything that’s happening is random, that there is good luck and bad luck, that one needs to fight or struggle to get one’s way, etc. then this article may not be for you.

I’m perceiving, experiencing and writing from the perspective that everything is connected, and who one is inside (the sum total of what one consciously, sub-consciously and unconsciously ‘chooses’ to accept to be true) is impacting how the person’s outside (their life) is manifesting.

In my books I write in depth about mine and many other specialists’ discoveries about the connectedness of all, and the laws that manage that connectedness.

Most popular is the law of attraction (you also can call it the law of resonance), which in essence says, what is true for you inside strives to become true outside.

A little bit of effort to study credible scientific sources (easily to be found on the internet nowadays) brings quickly a solid certainty of understanding to any open mind.

Why do so many people including those who can spell the law of attraction backwards, fail to manifest what they desire? Professionally getting to the next level, breaking through, getting rich, attracting a loving partner, a healthy body, a sparkling vitality, beauty, youth etc.?

More and more people are asking “Why don’t I manifest what I so strongly want?”

Maybe because they are afraid of the answers? Who likes to provoke a confrontation with one’s own laziness, lack of self-discipline, resistance to accountability, complacency? Sadly, the list here is rather long.

I tell you straight:
your failure to manifest what you want is a habitual resistance to change your daily routines.

You have heard the quote, that the definition of insanity is to keep doing what you are doing while expecting different results?

As long as you allow yourself to be controlled by feelings (e.g. resistance) you won’t replace your familiar habits with better ones. Your breakthrough needs a rebellion against what doesn’t work, what doesn’t expand you, and what doesn’t create the results you want.

If you are ready to rebel, then here is what you need to do:

  1. Accept that YOU are the source for your failures (not the economy, not others, not your parents, not life nor God). By the way, in AA’s 12 step program (AA means Anonymous Alcoholics), the first step to conquer is to come upfront of the group and state “Hi I’m (e.g.) Robert, and I am an alcoholic”. Unless you can do that, they know, you haven’t made the decision yet to seriously change.
  2. Based on 1. accept that YOU are the source for your current condition, not the economy nor the ‘wrong’ partner.
  3. Contemplate the perspective that the reality you experience mirrors what you believe to be true. And what is lacking, is what you don’t believe in. That’s a tough cookie for most people. The immediate response often is “but I do believe!”. Truth is however, that you don’t. Else it would show in your reality.
  4. Use powerful and effective tools to factually change your inner reality (in my body of work – Creative Consciousness® – the tools are e.g. getting off it, committing, integrity, vision, neuro-conditioning, etc.)

Tip: the fastest way to change for most people is to get a hold of a mentor (someone who has what you too aspire to have).

Warning: if you are not willing to surrender to an accountable discipline, forget it. No mentor can lead you to new horizons when you resist. By the way, “discipline” stems from the word “disciple”, which means to be willing and eager to be led.

Either you and your life are controlled by your past or by your future.

You decide. You do, every moment.

Every moment you don’t choose your actions from your inner future reality you hand yourself over to be controlled by your outer past reality.

You cannot have an outer reality without its inner exact component.

We are born to create.

Evolution equipped you with 3 pounds of brain mass, 100 billion brain- and nerve cells, of which you only use 10% of it’s potential.

Why would evolution give you 3 pounds of super power, if not for using it?

This super power has been given to us because evolution has in mind for us to live as creators not reactors.

“I create, therefore I am”

With love ❤ Marc