Does a soul purpose exist? 

“Soul? Interesting, certainly. Tell me more. But wait a moment, I need to go the gym, can we have a chat about that tomorrow?”

A ‘chat’? Seriously? You must be a flat liner or untroubled happy. ‘Soul’ is a theme that people start listening to when they are chronically or hopelessly unhappy, in fear of death, struck by destiny or feeling this world’s pain.

As long as a person is not really troubled, the question of the soul does not necessarily arise.

And then, even when the ‘sh..t hits the fan’, it is not automatically making a person desire to look for the soul.

I was one of those persons.

I had the power to pretty much deal with all kinds of troubles; until the day when the trouble started to come from so deep within where all my spiritual, psychological and consciousness tools failed to reach. The inner turmoil didn’t come and go, no, it came and stayed. That was the time when for the first time in my life I REALLY turned to the theme of soul.

It’s like you hear the safety instructions in an airplane for decades, but then one day in the midst of serious turbulences the pale and sweaty flight attendant gives the same safety instructions once again – this time you LISTEN.

A mirror.

Quickly I realized that it is impossible to experience the soul directly, because that’s where we are coming from – just like the eyes cannot see themselves, because the looking comes from the eyes; a mirror is needed if you want to see your eyes, but mind that you never see your eyes with your eyes, in fact you only see a mirror with their image. Just like the world. We need to assume that our inner and outer reality is the mirror in which we see the reflection of our soul.

So within, so without.

Allow the assumption for a moment that the soul is your essential and existential being which orchestrates and directs the entirety of your inner and outer reality. It’s a radical perspective, I know. But it opens the doors to very, very interesting discoveries. And as you recognize the analogical relevancies between your Inner and your Outer you begin to realize that the assumption has turned into a certainty.

As I tried to make sense of my deep inner trouble and turmoil I discovered correlations between the movement of my destiny and the movement of my energies, in my mental and emotional and even my physical body. Things started to make sense, although I didn’t really like what I was starting to see.

The purpose of my Soul.

In the process of recognizing the characteristics of my soul I unintendedly realized the purpose of my soul too. The scope of one’s soul’s purpose reaches far beyond the lifetime of a person. For the soul it seems to be just an episode in a season of an enormous if not infinite series.

The soul governs an ocean of images, patterns and symbols;

and if one can read these, one reads the book of one’s life, the past, the present and the future. Needless to say the enormous value this knowledge has on all the decisions we need to make every day.

That is why I put a process together in the format of a retreat which allows people to have a rendezvous with their soul and reveal the purpose of their lives.

Knowing the purpose is one thing, accepting it is quite another.

The ego’s agenda and the soul’s purpose are most likely in huge contrast.

But hey, if the soul is the composer of all of our reality in the first place, then this conflict between the ego and the soul is part of this episode as well, isn’t it? Even your resistance is part of the composition. You could – hypothetically – as well sit back and enjoy the drama.

According to my understanding, at the end of the day, the spiritual path of a human being consists of 2 stages, to discover one’s soul-purpose and to fully accept it; whereby the latter seems to be the far more difficult part of the JOURNEY.