Getting Rich Through SENSUALITY

Most people – if not sadly caught up completely in survival – have a desire to become rich. With the presence of loads of cash in the bank account, one’s experience of possibilities and freedom to choose enhances. Yes, it is an effect of our inner associations, how we define our freedom of choice and presence of possibilities, but most people would agree that having an abundance of money does help. At least in a social and economical structure as we still have it today in this world.

Whether one uses one’s money in alignment with one’s soul and heart values is a different topic and deserves another blog. Today, I want to share how you can hugely increase your power to manifest money in your life.

And I choose to speak about the powers of sensuality to help you manifest financial abundance.

Short and sweet: the more sensual you can be, the more likely you can manifest whatever you want. How so?

Being sensual means being in the presence of your senses and having them fully switched on.

Do you remember when you were in an elevated state of aliveness? Maybe it was at the ocean, maybe during a walk in a forest and you saw the sunlight finding its way through the branches ad leaves in a thousand playful ways, you almost tasted the rich spicy air, you felt your heart sing and your body jump. Or you kneeled down to a little stream – far away in the mountains – and filled your hands with its fresh innocent water, looked at its unsurpassable clarity and let it all slowly run down your gullet.

Most people adopted today’s collective attitude to have their attention on the future, on the outcome of reality, not reality as is in every given moment. To the degree you live in the future, you lack aliveness, because aliveness is only in the Here and Now. It’s in the meal in front of you, it’s in the person next to you, it’s in the breathing within you.

Are you present?

And when you are, then you need to re-learn the art of “opening up to”, opening up to what is, not to what should or should not be – no, to what is. Opening up means to give up all resistance to what is and to remove the distance that your habitual way of being creates.

Then you become sensual. Your senses are like flowers that open their head when sunlight touches them.

In that state, you cannot help being joyful, light, grateful, playful, expanded. And these are the qualities that allow you to extract from the quantum field of consciousness the realities that you desire to manifest.

You will have a hard time to manifest new or better realities when you are half alive, grumpy and miserable, even when you do your manifestation meditations.

You need to lighten up.

In the dimension of the non-manifest, the land of possibilities, everything you desire does exist as a possibility. There are no stop signs in creation. It’s all yours, be default of your being. But you need to be on the same frequency, on the same level of vibration for these realities taking the leap from possibility to reality.

And shifting into a sensual being, a sensual lifestyle, is one of the fastest ways to elevate your energy so that your dreams can be transmitted into consciousness from where they return to you as your reality.

Here are 5 tips to get started:

  1. SLOW DOWN. Insist on having time.
  2. PAY ATTENTION to details, explore, discover.
  3. OPEN UP to what is.
  4. Commit to a life style of SENSUALITY.
  5. Practice to REAWAKEN YOUR SENSES.

So now you do your money meditations, your wealth visualizations, your abundance rituals. And I tell you what: scarcity is a lie; there is so much abundance unclaimed in the dimension of possibility, you just need to SHOW UP there.


With love, Marc