Life is Not Stronger Than You

Do you feel that you have control over your life? Do you feel you can alter the way your reality emerges and unfolds? Do you feel that circumstances are intimately linked to you, and therefore if you change your circumstances change? And do you feel you have the power to change?

Most people feel that life, or “the world” is so much bigger than they are. The truth is that life is not stronger than you; You are stronger than life. And life is just waiting for you to see and accept this, get back into the saddle, and ride off into self-determined adventures that make your heart sing and your soul smile.

Wrestling with life is one way to live. You can fight, stress, react, manipulate, lie, force and so on and so forth. You may get the results you desire, but how does it feel to live that way? Winning can be wonderful, but is it really if it means another has to lose?

People can do battle with life for many decades. However, if one’s consciousness is even the slightest bit awakened, one eventually feels less and less at peace within.

Inner peace may sound old-fashioned in an era when fighting, bullying, and domination are glorified. Thousands of television shows condition our youth to be cutthroat competitors and believe that “the winner takes it all.” Elbow competition and being better than another at any cost is a fairly safe recipe for burn-out, anxiety, and depression.

Doing nothing, on the other hand, isn’t healthy either. We are creative beings and our essence wants to play; to show up and express itself.

I observe that until we each realize that this multi-dimensional show called life is an energy field phenomenon in which we are at the center – and thus, all of our experiences come from within – the grand illusion continues.

Consider that You are in your essence the creator of everything that you call life. It may seem like a very crazy idea, but many of our brightest scientists are confirming exactly that.

Today I believe everyone can and must agree that everything that is is a movement of energy. Whether an apple, your body, a car, a building, a lake, etc – everything in its essence is energy.

Quantum physics has taught us that energy forms and moves according to the way we perceive it. We are beings who move and crystallize energy simply by the way we look at it – meaning by our consciousness.

The reason that the life we live and the reality we experience seems to be so stubborn, fixed and hard to change is that we observe ourselves as insufficient to change our reality by looking at it in a different way.

The way we see ourselves makes us who we are. Before you can change your reality you need to change the way you see and experience yourself.

By default, we have become separate entities by virtue of the need to survive and make it in the world. The unfortunate result of this, however, is that we’ve become ‘reactors,’ not creators. And by this way of being, we are blind to the reality behind our reality.

Physics shows us that energy has two states, wave or particle. As a wave, we are able to move and change; as a particle, we are fixed and unmovable. And so is our reality. In order to change our reality, we need to first and foremost transform our own energy from particle to wave. Trying to change matter (particle) by being matter (particle) leads to force, fight, pressure, violence, and war.

When You are wave, you are energy. And when you seek to change matter using energy, you begin to see miracles happen in front of your very eyes.

The quantum field is an energy space of infinite possibility; everything you don’t have but desire to have is there. The royal way of being a creator is to disappear as a particle (an identity) and become pure awareness (not defined) so that you can enter this energy field of unlimited possibilities. By the gift of your awareness, you can then release your desires into the field and cause energy formations that, when complete, you experience as new realities in your life.

From the perspective of pure potential, there is nothing more powerful than you.

With love ❤ Marc

  • First thing coming up: a huuuuughe ego wanting to dive deep into the 4th human experience. It is like the void behind a mountain top, terrifying me by it’s attraction. I do know what is behind the fear. Lord, allow me to shift gradually, progressively in stead of the movement of an oak tree full of boosting / reducing Mars energy. Allow me the shift, the frequence, thethkindly resonance kindly and with tenderness. You also may be void. Keep the reaction, the harsh words, the looks, the hard matter. You rock? Nah, You wave!

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