Living beyond fear



Every once in a while, I sit far back and take a fresh bold look at my creations; kind of looking from point zero. Asking myself: if I sat in front of a white canvas, what would I choose to create?


Staring at the imaginary white canvas, the first thing I become aware of is: that the canvas and I are a tiny part of a larger Whole I’m existing in, reminding myself that unawareness of context is ignorance.


I see that part of this Whole is this world, this planet, all creatures, animals, plants and the human civilization. I can’t separate this context from ‘me’.


The context of human civilization


Then I become present to how this context of human civilization feels like. More than anything else, I feel its PAIN. Allowing my awareness to remain fully present to this experience, it opens up to more details: people’s pain of entrapment into their minds, pain of not knowing their purpose, pain of missing unconditional love, pain of poor connection, pain of having so much FEAR, pain of rejection and judgment, pain of injustice…and the rest of a sadly long list.


I have nothing to think of. Just being present to what is defined (once again) as my purpose: to heal this PAIN and to take the people beyond FEAR. A lot of things still go terribly wrong in the way we live our lives.


And I keep looking

I see that no change for the better on the outside can ever be sustainable. As long as there is the slightest trace of FEAR (fear of pain supersedes fear of death) in a human being, this individual will inevitably engage in measurements of protection. The fear, however, will remain; it’s just superficially calmed. Two people in fear will sooner or later attack each other – the one whose fear is bigger will start.


The hunger for power is a direct consequence of this fear. The mind believes that when it has acquired ultimate power, it won’t need to be fearful any longer. You can see that from the level of Kindergarten children to the governments, industry, religions and all of their leaders, presidents, priests etc.

The energy of creation

I’m still looking at the canvas in front of me, which is still blank. I feel an energy of creation arising, clearly and passionately determined to manifest the best I can contribute to healing the pain and dissolving the fear.


I would create something like Creative Consciousness – a holistic and dynamic MOVEMENT (not a “thing”) that contains the most effective tools and pathways to initiate, develop and complete SELF-REALIZATION (my choice of a word for the process of healing all and entirely pain and fear in oneself).


I create the JOURNEY


And with that, I bow to existence and return to my desk, continuing the service to make Creative Consciousness International present and available in every part of this world so all human beings ready for THE JOURNEY can start and heal.


With love, Marc Steinberg