LOVE above all!

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Our instinct instantly says yes to this subject line, doesn’t it? Equally true is the odd reality that almost no one lives it.

Truth be spoken: we live as money above all, comfort above all, pleasure above all, fame above all, or whatever is more important in our lives than love.

Facts don’t lie.

Love for most people is something that is secretly admired and longed for, but not a birth- or life right. We kinda learned to live without it. Oh sorry, yes sure there is this pretended love, that acted love, that projected love, and that assumed love.

Volumes have been written on love. And by now I trust you guessed it that I am not talking about romantic love and the come and go of the honey moons.

I’m talking about a rare flower, a humble yet utterly transcending power. I’m talking about LOVE as a state of being, a dimension so different that our normal daily good lives turn to 2-dimensional gray affairs in comparison.

See, if you are like most people the LOVE I am talking about is a luxury, a dream far away. You even don’t really ask for it. In the face of it’s absence you make the best of whatever life you can create.

But in those silent moments of mini-crisis, when the mundane rat race is getting a crack (illness, loss, mental disturbances, etc.) aren’t you asking yourself what the meaning of it all is? I guess you do. I am actually sure you do. Because we are only different on the surface.

Deep inside you and I are all the same. We all have a heart. Not only a biological one.

When LOVE touches your heart, you experience a totally different state of being-you without any changes of your circumstances. Same house, same job, same people – but an entirely different experience. Do you remember how the world felt and was different when you were in love? Everything was different, wasn’t it?

Writing poetry came natural, your smile on your face was infectious, your soul was singing and you cared for others without  a second thought.

This was a postcard from God to inspire you to look for the real deal: unconditional LOVE. Yes it does exist. In your heart when you drop your armor. In your heart when you dare to open up.

You have closed. You thought you needed to do that to protect yourself. Although you are protected, you also live behind a wall. Loneliness, isolation, estrangement – suppressed by desperate acts of socializing, fake substitutes and addictive escapes.

I wish I could send you a link where you can order the magic pill that opens you back up to that LOVE. See, this LOVE is a river, not a thing; it’s an energy. You need to open up, and the flow happens. You instantly become (again) part of that river. You know immediately THIS IS IT.

THIS is what you were looking for all the time, searching in all the wrong places.

As there is not such a thing as a LOVE pill (sorry all of you ecstasy lovers 😉 ), there is however A WAY. But that way leads first into your tears & fears, before it opens the gates to LOVE. I have created such a way. I love to show you. Just ask me.

“Without love, life is nothing” – Jiddu Krishnamurti   


with ❤, Marc