“Wow, wow, wow!”, “Oh my word!”, “Yahoo!”, “Hallelujah!”
are expressions coming often from having a sudden – often unexpected – opening
of seeing something with perfect clarity.

There is not a fraction of processing, doubt, or need for “understanding” – it just IS!
And we know it. We don’t know how we know it, but it is clear!




The moment you find yourself thinking about what you SEE, you stopped seeing and shifted into thinking. The two couldn’t be more different!

That’s why it’s called: IN-SIGHT. You SEE it.

Understanding is the booby price. It has great value as a road sign, but seeing the road sign “330 miles to Atlanta” isn’t being in Atlanta, is it? If you see your understanding it gives your mind a sense of safety, but that’s not what makes a difference. Only when you actually travel to Atlanta and having arrived there, then you ARE in Atlanta. Versus thinking about Atlanta or thinking about travelling to Atlanta.

‘Atlanta’ here stands for everything that matters in your life, your business, your career, your relationships, your health, etc. If Atlanta for you is Money, well,

understanding money isn’t equal to having money, is it?


If you want to have money, you need to BE money.

You can’t HAVE what you are not BEING.


Awareness is a result of SEEING. Again: for to see you need to stop staring at your thinking. Let your thinking be and it let’s you be. Once you are not any longer busy regurgitating your thinking, you shift your mental condition from BEING your thinking to HAVING your thinking. Now, you are prepared for SEEING.

However, for SEEING to convert to AWARENESS you need to accept what you are seeing. Sounds easy, but often isn’t. Your ego might not like what YOU see and rejects it. You only can prevent falling into this trap by keeping your awareness switched on, that you are not your ego.


You have an ego, but you are not an ego.

Can you see the difference?


Who YOU are is Awareness in your essence.

But you are not static. You are a movement.

Your are energy in motion. This motion is the flow of creation. Who you are is CREATIVE ENERGY. And energy flows where attention goes. And what you are able to put your attention on is entirely defined and limited by what you are aware of.

Are you still with me?

Your choices are limited by what you are aware of. Meaning:

awareness is your most essential capital!


Wanna increase your awareness?

  1. Meditate consistently.
  2. Hang out with people who have the awareness that you are seeking.
  3. Tame your ego, so that your insights can become your being.


With love ❤ Marc