The Law of Attraction, does it work?

It is spring time in the northern hemisphere and time to sow. You wouldn’t go out into the fields on a harvester, would you? That would be crazy. But believe it or not, so many people are trying to reap in spring and seed in autumn.

How does the Law of Attraction work?

Even if you haven’t done any of our programs, you must have heard of the law of attraction. And just like most of us, you probably wish it would work. It’s just too of a tempting perspective to lean back, do nothing and all you ever wanted is just finding its way to you; the perfect partner, best health, abundant money, unlimited energy, creative ideas, being loved by others and so on and so forth.

Maybe you’d be already over the moon with a bit less, however for most people the harsh reality is that they do a job they don’t like in a company they don’t care for, have a relationship that requires constant compromising and fixing, make wrong choices, have poor health, fight anxiety and depression, suffer from uncertainty and the feeling that something is wrong, and so much more.

Everything is energy.

Our mind is the great diplomat diligently trying to negotiate between our desires and expectations and our resistances and disappointments. All we want is to feel good about ourselves and our lives. Feeling is a word mankind invented to describe the awareness of the level of vibration one is in.

Too esoteric? Hold on. Physics has shown us that everything in the universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm is energy. The pen in your hand is energy; energy in a condensed or contracted form; just like a stone is a very dense form of energy.

The moment you go into the stone with an electronic microscope and reach the level of molecules, you start seeing space between them and as you zoom in even further, you see more and more space between the particles. And all the particles are moving. Science knows that energy cannot stand still, it has to move. The matter your pen is made of moves, however in a defined way which gives it its shape and functionalities.

So you, your body, your brain, your mind is all a composition of different energies; and everything that moves creates a wave, a vibration. We know of low and high frequencies. See, if you heat up the pen, meaning you change its vibration it will melt or burn at some stage, which is nothing but the energy of the pen performing on a higher frequency.

How can I change the vibration I am in?

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, we live our lives as if we were an exception or these laws don’t apply for us. Because if you were aware of what is really happening, you would ask different questions the next time you are feeling not so great, not loved, not clear, not light, not happy. You would ask the question “How can I change the vibration I am in?” And if you contemplate why you don’t have something you desire to have, you would ask “How can I raise my vibration to the level of frequency where that what I desire exists?”

See, if you want to attract something you need to be on the level of vibration where that what you want to attract is. You can’t attract oranges if you are in the Artic. And yet, 97% of mankind’s complaints are coming from them vibrating on Artic level expecting oranges to grow!

Life is impersonal affair.

Your reality is the exact mirror and manifestation of the vibration level you are in. Wanna change something? Change your vibration! Too lazy to change your vibration; then start changing the vibration of laziness first. You do that by changing your energy within. For this – and anything else you desire to create and attract – you need to change your inner reality.

The first step.

The first step is to make the decision to move away from your current inner vibration level. If you are in a victim state or in a condition of stubbornness or protecting your righteousness, you need to make the conscious decision to move on to higher levels of vibration and say good-bye to those familiar but low levels.

The plateau of infinite possibilities.

Now you need to move your inner attention from that part of your brain where you were fixed on your complaints to that part of your brain that can be named: the plateau of infinite possibilities. Maybe that part doesn’t even exist. Don’t worry, you can create it within a few weeks, sometimes even just a few days. You use your power of imagination.

Anybody, no matter how terrible their circumstances are, can imagine. Every image you imagine is a tiny portion of energy and it vibrates – low or high. Now, your brain is a brilliant and impersonal mechanism. It is built such when you fire a certain vibration long enough into it, it creates a pattern. The brain’s purpose of design is to help you survive. Anything repeated the brain perceives as “I see we need that for survival, otherwise why would my host repeat it all the time; let me help my host and create a pattern, so I can do the job automatically and my host is free to put her/his attention on something else.”

Remember how you learned driving a car or speaking a new language? So, you need to repeat the high frequency images again and again until your brain has created a new network of synoptical connections, our ‘plateau of infinite possibilities’. This plateau can be deepened and widened the more imaginative high frequency energy you put there.

Start creating.

As you are now internally present at your plateau of infinite possibilities, you can start creating and establishing specific realities, starting with making what you want to attract on the outside first an inner reality. E.g you desire to attract a reality in which you have enough money to do what your heart desires. Now standing or sitting at your plateau, imagine that reality by using your imagination for 10 minutes on circling the  reality you want to attract through your 5 senses, 2 minutes for each sense: imagine to see your reality, hear your reality, feel your reality, smell your reality and taste your reality.

Be playful and creative.

There is a lot to taste and to smell on a factory new Bentley (to those spiritual athletes of you: forgive me for the profanity and contemplate why all the gurus are being driven in Bentleys and not Ladas). When I studied method acting at the Lee Strasberg school in New York City, we spent hours and days to do exactly that: creating the character we had to play within us first, so completely that we can’t but become that character. Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Paul Newman etc. are all ‘method actors’ having been trained in that technique.

Your mind needs something structured to do, otherwise it just goes back into dreaming. If you use the 5-senses inner reality building method you will see that it is not difficult to remain focused on the task.

Do this 20 minutes every day.

You need to spend 20 minutes daily, either in one go or in two times 10 minutes (morning and evening), on focusing and imagining the way described above. You can do 2 realities at a time, 10 minutes on the one (meaning 2 minutes per sense) and then 10 minutes on the other.

You know when the creation of the inner reality is complete when you go to your plateau and you find the reality already being there. That is so when the brain has myelinated the synaptical connections, meaning: you don’t have to create it anymore, it is a physical reality now in your brain. Now you can start creating the next reality you desire to attract.

An inner reality of the desired reality you want to attract is an energy field.

And the law of resonance (‘like attracts like’) starts shaping your external reality so it matches your internal reality. Now you will experience the law of attraction working for you.

Just as you have the external reality today as an exact representation of your inner reality, you will have tomorrow another external reality as you have migrated to another inner reality.


Celebrate the magic that you are.