X-mas, New Year, again! Again?

For us in the Western culture, which is predominantly Christianity based, the annual return of the holidays of Christmas and New Year is approaching. Most people relate reactively to these days, meaning: they go by what they have done on Christmas and New Year all their lives, what their family and relatives expect from them and what is socially respectable.

We have conditioned our children to relate to these days in very specific ways, and with that have entrapped ourselves to fulfill on their expectations.

Presents, food, cinema visits, park walks, or exotic getaways or luxurious rewards, and so on and so forth.

In our own memory, we remember the great moments of our childhood connected to these days. Therefore, we subconsciously try to recreate a little bit of that magic we experienced as children.

But the reality is often controversial if not chaotic. Tension, disappointment, arguments, boredom, routine, frustration and aggression are on stand-by. Many get high on hopium – “This time it’s gonna be different!” – or high on all kinds of distractions and busy-ness.

Certainly there are the happy moments too, triggered by our particular recipe what we need to experience so that our happiness programs get uploaded and we once again can enjoy our internal Christmas and New Year movies.

That and more is the reactive way to experience Christmas and New Year.

What about the creative way?

How would YOU create Christmas and New Year if you were really free to create it?

(P.S.: you are free already – have been all the time and will always be – but you’d need to have the guts to admit that and take responsibility for that).

Instead of being a victim of culture, memories and social conduct, you can be a creator.

It’s a choice, nothing less, nothing more. A choice. A choice with consequences and a choice with possibilities.

Imagine these festive days unfolding YOUR WAY. How would they look like, what would be their design?

Put some more craziness into them! Some more adventure! Some more ESSENCE!

If you do that and leave your BOX, then you become aware of all the fears that try to keep you BOXED IN. Those fears are your chains. And with every annual acceptance of those fears your chains grow thicker. Isn’t it so?

You wouldn’t be reading this if you were completely unconscious following the convenient path of conformity.

Underneath every fear there is a NEED.

The need to be liked, the need to belong, the need to be respectable, the need to do the right thing, etc.

No need, no fear.

Imagine you had no fears!? Now what?!

I broke those chains a long time ago. They were never mine in the first place. I honor my heart and my being and serve it with creation. Not only because it is the only way to authentically rejoice and celebrate but also because with my PRESENCE I fuel the space of all the people I am spending these days with; and my GIFT is not fear, need and unconsciousness but JOY, LIGHTNESS, HEART and LAUGHTER.

This is my idea of X-mas presents. Yes, it is absolutely possible. It’s just one choice away.


With love, ❤ Marc Steinberg