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The title says, what I wish you can say, fully authentically and honestly
by this upcoming New Year’s Eve: “Complete!”

Sure, I understand that many of us are going to say “complete”
with a good dose of sarcasm when it comes to 2021.

Just 2 generations ago, there were New Years during war times, tough times for everyone. Between 1950 – March 2020 we were for the most part quite protected from
obvious global disasters, until recent.

Amongst so many things that can be said, let me point out one: Global disasters can either drown you or make you surf the waves. It is easier to be drowned; you just stay put
and accept what’s happening. Much scarier it is to gather all your confidence
and courage, grab a surf board and try to get and stay on top of the waves.

As times don’t seem to get better soon, each one of us is challenged
 to decide: drown or surf?

And in that light we are approaching 2021 year’s end.

As we finish 2021 so we start 2022.

To really start something NEW and FRESH it needs to be free from the OLD.
And that is what I mean by “complete”!

When people face their own finiteness something in them instantly surfaces: the record of anything incomplete: the bucket list, the things dreamt of and never tried, the words of love not expressed, the forgiving impulses of the heart not followed.

People in their last moments only want one thing and one thing only: they want to be forgiven.

If you take “Complete!” seriously enough, and create completion NOW and live complete every day and week, and clean up what’s incomplete every year (latest), then there will be no desperation when confronting finiteness.

The last evening of 2021 is the death of 2021.

Can you be so complete with 2021 that you can resurface in 2022

 It’s a bit of a tragedy that most people don’t take the opportunity of the calendar change as an opportunity to shed off the old skin in order to make space for a new one, or to break the cocoon in order to discover that they have wings.

Why? I suspect there’s still too much hopium being consumed.

And the conformity to adhere to “society” and their beliefs and expectations.

These two create a powerful cocktail of unawareness. However not without side effects.

So, what are you going to drink on New Year*s eve? 

I will enjoy vodka as every year – within the Gurdijeff ceremonies
– on a boat on the Nile with likeminded fellow journeyeers!
And our “Complete!” will be heard far beyond the borders of Egypt!

And next year – 2022 – lets start it complete (remember, you start 2022 as you finish 2021), live it complete and leave it complete. The side effects of completion?: joy, drive, power, expansion, freedom, laughter, easiness, success, value for the Whole.

With love ❤ Marc