“Did I ask you for coaching?

Just talk to me like a normal person, will you!”

I don’t know if you sometimes get reactions like that, whether you are a coach or not?

People in general don’t like it to be intruded with game-changing energy.

They want you to confirm them in whatever stuff they are internally dwelling –

it’s called: remaining undisturbed in the comfort zone.

Am I rude? Not from my perspective. I disturb.

I don’t leave the “social normal” unquestioned.

Don’t we see that the “social normal” doesn’t work?

If you challenge people to connect to their essence and manifest their greatness,

oh boy, get ready for some serious weather.

People are afraid of change.

Afraid to lose their complacency, their familiar routine.

I don’t give up on them.

But then they get upset.

That’s usually when they decide that we (you, me, all change-makers) are too confronting.

No problem for us, or is it?

Should we play their game?

We can’t, can we?

Not without a breakdown in our authenticity.

And that price is always to high, no matter what.

So, not to coach? Not to challenge the status quo?

I am clear about not compromising my authenticity and integrity.

What about a Trojan horse? I found one!

What if one could transmit the energy of change undercover, so that it isn’t subject to be dismissed and attacked the mindset of the “social normal”?

In my way of coaching I create a context first before I deliver content.

So instead of hammering on the door of the other, we politely ask questions that are non-intrusive and create an atmosphere of interest and openness. That ‘atmosphere’ you can also call ‘context’. Once that is in place, the possibility for change is created.

This approach is part of the philosophy and curriculum I developed known as “Consciousness Coaching®”. It is an art to be learned, because the road to context is slippery and mined. Too many tricks of the Ego are on stand-by to prevent any context for change to be established.

In Consciousness Coaching® we teach step by step

where the mines are and how to disarm them.

At the end, there is a win for all of us: you, me, the other, and society as a whole.

If you are already a Consciousness Coach®, great!

Then expand your influence. Disturb a bit more!

If you’re still not sure if you too should become a Consciousness Coach®, let’s talk about it in depth. Being well-informed leads to clarity and peace of mind.

Together we can help reduce suffering and change the world.



With Love ❤, Marc