Creating the space for unconditional love

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February is not only the month of the popular “Valentine’s Day” but also the time (in the Northern hemisphere) when nature goes pregnant with spring. When you remove the demands imposed by the needs of survival, the many responsibilities of daily living –


and if you take a long deep inhale and exhale – asking yourself what the meaning of it all is, you probably will meet the apparent answer: love.


Just to avoid confusion: love is not the same as pleasure, satisfaction, reliability, etc. Love is a very unique state of being. If you are in a state of love (careful: I don’t mean a state of ‘being in love’) you experience that everything what was before is not at all as important as you thought.

Love is such a fulfilling experience that all needs are transcended, obsolete. And because it is a state of being – an ontological dimension – it is free of conditions; meaning this love what I am talking about doesn’t require conditions. It’s unconditional.

Every one of us had moments when we experienced the presence of unconditional love. It can be so overwhelming that a strange reflex makes us run away from it.

But we remember how it felt to receive unconditional love; the relief of not needing to be someone in particular (nice, calm, accommodating etc.), the extraordinary experience of not being judged, monitored, assessed, and the freedom to breathe in a space of no expectations yet being fully seen, fully received.




If an angel was to appear before you and offers you 2 gifts, but you only can take one… one is a billion dollars and the other one is unconditional love… what would you choose? Remember when you had little and thought, if you had plenty you’d be better off? Did it work out? See, no riches in the world can ever ontologically change you inside. Ever. If you were a miserable beggar and got rich, now you are a miserable schmuck driving a Bentley.


Maybe having studied life for a while it dawned on you that nothing of the external stuff seems to make the difference that everyone is craving for.


This is such an inconvenient truth that the whole world is on the run from it! Hopium, money, games, addictions, entertainment, you name it…all means of avoidance to face what can’t be changed.

The few on a search for unconditional love are set on a journey with one outcome: realizing that this love can’t be found. You can’t find fish searching for them on land. Fish live in a different dimension: the ocean.


Unconditional love isn’t there where we are looking for it!


As a matter of fact, one needs to create the space for the possibility of unconditional love. We need to create ourselves as a context for unconditional love to occur. The science of creating context (bringing forth something from nothing) has been the essence of my teachings since 1991. To transform ourselves into a space, a dimension of being in which the holy grail – unconditional love – can occur is the core of white magic, of the alchemistic end goal.


And only then, the run comes to an end and you experience having come home.


To help you master this transformational act is my great passion, vision and mission.

It’s easy, because I know with absolute certainty: what you want is freedom.
And until you are completely free, you will be on the run.

Let’s complete this journey!


With love ❤, Marc