Making the Unconscious conscious

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Everyone on the journey to becoming more conscious notices at some stage that the vast realm of the Unconscious needs to receive attention. The Unconscious is the dimension of our Shadows, our ancestral history over countless life times, our soul footprint and accumulated karma.


Creating the life you love to live is only possible – to real degree of your its potential – when you not only clear the way in your conscious mind, but also in your subconscious (your beliefs, patterns, habits, triggers developed in this life time), and ultimately in your unconscious.


One cannot access the unconscious directly. But we can use a mirror to see the unconscious. This mirror is our reality. This may sound odd at first glance, however it is an ancient knowledge that is expressed in numerous ways. “As within, so without”, “as above, so below”.

What one experiences on their stage of life is not accidental. It is entirely related to one’s invisible Being composed of the super-conscious, conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. Study cases:

  • The peace-seeking meditator who consistently attracts people who oppose, argue, attack, mentally, emotionally and sometimes also physically.
  • The diligent, engaged, right-doing success-striver who experiences time and again failure.
  • The well-meaning parent whose children loath them, regardless their desperate efforts of creating love and harmony.
  • The lover of wisdom who can’t escape the inner prison of their mind.

And so on and so forth.


What do all of them have in common?     


They all are experiencing fragments of their unconscious playing out on the stage as their external reality.


Consider the possibility that your reality – in every aspect – is an incorruptible mirror of the totality that you are.


In my experience of guiding people since 3 decades to higher levels of consciousness, the resistance to accept one’s reality as a reflection of oneself is the most difficult hurdle on the way to becoming a complete, conscious, happy person.

People smoke hopium; they don’t want to associate their drama, their conflict-heavy reality as a representations of what’s true in themselves.


When the student is ready, the teacher appears. To those willing to look, life sends a teacher to help them translating what they see correctly, making the unconscious conscious, lifting the shadows from darkness to light.


In my view, that is the difference between a seeker and a sucker. A seeker is willing to look and take responsibility for transformation, no matter the costs. A sucker would so much to achieve enlightenment, liberation, but is unwilling to pay the price, unwilling to embrace inconvenience.


Be a seeker, not a sucker. 


With love ❤️, Marc