Resurrect yourself!

‘Resurrection’ means to get up again, to wake up again. Once we all were awake. ‘Awake’ means being fully present, real and whole. ‘Awake’ means to not sleep, not dream.

Consider that the default way of being a human being – as we know and experience it – is dream-walking, living in our own movies, seeing the world through our judgements, being unaware of our subconscious and unconscious, believing that what we experience is a reflection of what is really out there.

This way of being inevitably causes suffering, unhappiness, pain. And everyone tries to avoid these and get away from them. This leads to reactive actions that cause ourselves and others even more trouble and pain.

We do that on a small scale within our personal circles, we do that in our professional engagements and on the big scale we see it happening in society and the world.


It’s not a pretty picture.

But at least, it’s a true vision.

It summons us to WAKE UP!


‘Waking up’ is not to see things differently, taking on new perspectives, changing sides. ‘Waking up’ is not to rebel nor to hide as a victim.


WAKING UP is a huge deal!


It requires to open our eyes, leave our dreams, dare to accept what we see when we open our eyes. The amazing side effect of this is: resurrection; the resurrection of us as a conscious being. In the resurrected state, the awakened state, we experience life again in its whole presence.

It is impossible to find words to describe this.

We are conditioned to believe that when the world would be the way we think it should be, that we would be happy, free of suffering and pain. And because we deeply believe that, we forever are trying to make this world the way we think it should be. The thing is that we all have a different idea about how the world should be. Which leads to everlasting conflict and battle.


The one who is awake doesn’t seek to change the world.


He may help others to wake up, yes.
Because he sees that there can never be peace, harmony, happiness amongst dreamers.


Resurrect! WAKE UP!


With love ❤, Marc