Your better future is an inside job

2 years of covid, now the conflict about Ukraine
no matter how strong you are, it creeps under your skin.

As we are connected to our environment,
the near and the far, we get affected.

Effect is always a matter of the cause.

You probably think that the cause is “out there”.

Let me tell you: NO! The cause for the effect on you is IN you.

Reminder: The glass is half filled with water. Ok, that is what is. That is reality. Like the virus, the measurements of the authorities, the conflict, the consequences of the sanctions etc. –
all that is the glass half filled with water.

And YOU are the creator of WHAT you make of it!

You are the INTERPRETER of what is (the glass half filled with water),
no one else.


The effect the world has on you is an INSIDE JOB.


Exhausted? Tired? Fed up? Desponded? Afraid? Numb?

All these are NOT caused by the world, by reality – but by your interpretation of it.

You can’t change WHAT IS, but you can change how you see it,
what story you create about it. This story is causing your brain,
and consequentially your emotional and physical body, to react.

Your brain reacts to your STORY about reality, not to reality itself.


If you don’t wake up and create better stories, you will remain a victim of your default stories which are always negative – you have been programmed to create negative stories.



You got to wake up!

There’s a problem:
how do you wake yourself up when you are deep asleep?

The answer is: you can’t wake yourself up;
you need someone else to wake you up, like it or not.

That’s what awakened individuals do: waking up the sleeping.

If you’re lucky, someone awakened who will look out for you.

But they won’t wake you up if you don’t want to.

And so it goes.

With love ❤, Marc