Seasons of life – Finding your natural rythm

Our unique journey through life consists of three seasons
with their own flair and their own set of challenges.

YOUTH is the time to get adapted to the fact that we are a now experiencing a time as a human being, carrying a “space suit” and being a member of a human society on a planet called earth.

ADULTHOOD is the season for creating and establishing the life we want to live. The many challenges make us grow and mature in skills, knowledge and wisdom.

AGE is the third and last season of the life as a human being. It is the time to slowly get ready for moving on, from the experience of being a human being to the next adventure.

The two transitions from Youth to Adulthood and from Adulthood to Age are known as the TWO SPIRITUAL CRISES in a human being’s life cycle. The caterpillar undergoes the metamorphosis to become a butterfly. Ancient traditions supported this process by providing the right rituals to help the candidate to die to the former and get reborn into the next season.

In principle the journey as a human being can be magnificent, precious, full of joy and wonder.
The truth is however that for the majority of the people on this planet it is not.

In YOUTH we are formed, conditioned, taught and trained. The foundations for who we are going to be are laid. The educational system fails us to equip us with powerful life skills. Our parents do their best, and fail us too. Who we become isn’t someone initiated into the art of creation, taught the laws of existence, trained in virtues like authenticity and integrity.

Instead we are moulded to conform to a system; a system that is built on fear.

Serendipity may have it that you met teachers who awakened you to this inconvenient truth and helped you to un-learn the fear-based life skills. The earlier this happens the luckier you can see yourself. The best outcome you can expect is to have de-conditioned yourself and are now a conscious, loving, wise human being.

If you awaken to your true nature early enough,
you can build a wonderful life for yourself and others.

After having established such a life, the season of AGE awaits you. It is the time to slowly and gradually learn to detach from the material world and build a strong relationship to the immaterial world. If you do that right, at the time of the death of your space suit, you will experience no fear. While still in the body, you became fully conscious and connected to your essence as a being, which is spirit.

You are an energy, not a person.

With love ❤, Marc

P.S.: no matter in which season of life you are, you can correct course and get on the path of your true self, your essence. Then life can find you and give you everything you ever would need. The golden path is there. Re-turn, re-calibrate, re-think. And you will find your Holy Grail.