The Will of your Being Vs. The Will of your Ego

Let me start today with a quote from the Christian teachings:
“I’m telling you the truth:  if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed,
you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.
Nothing will be impossible for you.”  (Matthew 17: 20,21).

Just for clarity: I am not a member of any religion,
and at the same time I respect their original sources.

So, what the quote is referring to with its metaphorical words is THE most important factor when it comes to manifesting your goals and realizing your dreams. You can boost your actions by working harder, smarter, longer, and faster. But that’s it!

What in the quote is referred to as “faith” is what I call “will”. But not the will of the ego!
The will of the ego is force, also known as will-power. The will of your being is POWER,
an irresistible energy, manifesting the reality that is chosen by you.

Wouldn’t you want to manifest more with less effort?

We occasionally get a glimpse of that WILL I’m talking about here. When there is a crises and you don’t have the luxury of procrastination – when you have to act now! – and when there is absolute clarity in what needs to be accomplished (e.g. getting the child off the street before the next car runs it over) … then a magical power gets activated that makes it possible for you to cover the 100 meters to the street in 8 seconds!

Or when your addiction has destroyed your life so badly that you hit rock bottom – then there is this critical moment where you make a decision by your being, not your mind; and then suddenly you have the power to walk successfully the road of sobriety.

Or when your business hit bankruptcy, and there was no ‘hopium’ left to smoke, then a critical decision on the level of your being needs to happen. Then the WILL gets activated. There is a reason why 2 out of 3 millionaires went bankrupt twice before they made their fortune.

But, do you really need an existential crises to activate that WILL, that POWER?

You will not succeed in trying to activate the WILL with your head, your mind. I know that with absolute certainty. This WILL responds only to single-focussed, high intensity clarity.

How to get to this?

Never by visualization, mind-mapping or all the other mind tools.

The only constructive way to get the WILL activated is through stopping what you know isn’t necessary, essential, aligned, needed for the manifestation of what you choose.

So all backdoors, secondary protocols, alternatives, trials – all that needs to be dropped. These are all energy leaks. In divorcing them, you reach much higher levels of energy.

And when that energy reaches a particular level, then the WILL gets activated.
Then you have access to this super power! 

It’s challenging but not difficult to say good bye to the power leaks. My teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti called it “the way of negation” – he said: “One cannot rise energy by doing, but only by stopping to do what dissipates one’s energy.”

From a practical perspective – looking back at 4 decades of helping people to reach their potential and manifest their dreams – I know that it is highly important to have support in going into that, given one is serious.

The tricks of the ego to hide power leaks are very cunning.
As water only boils at 100% you too need to get to 100%!
 (remember?: crises, rock bottom…etc)

 I made it my life’s mission to help people to activate their WILL
– and when that happens, you are unstoppable, free, invincible.


With love ❤, Marc