Space – Order – Simplicity – a gift to your mental body

“Space, order, simplicity doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? But I tell you what, it is the foundation for conscious passion, bliss and success. Where there is no space, no order and simplicity (you can also call it clarity) there is chaos. Yes, indeed, from chaos all life as we know it came.

Creation is structured chaos on its way to manifestation.

Creation is that energy in you which you need to create the life you love to life.

This energy is unlimited, and it is all yours.



Creation needs space. It’s as simple as that. You can’t create a new relationship if you are still stuck in the old one. You can’t create a new future if you are not letting go of the past. You can’t think of new ideas when your head is spinning with old concepts.

The most effective way to create space: LETTING GO. Just drop it. Let it go. And if you don’t know how to do that, learn it. It can be learned. Like dropping a stone, it all starts with a decision: the decision to let go. You also need to decide to mean it. You can’t “test” it. Either you let go or you don’t – there is no half-pregnant.

The more you let go, the more space you will have.



Order is structure. The whole universe is implicitly managed by order. Some call it “divine order”. But also plain physical laws like gravity and elector-magnetism are nothing but forces that establish and maintain order. Order gives stability. The only reason why order has sometimes a bad reputation is, because when it is used to impose it on others in order to dominate them, then it becomes abusive. Order itself is marvelous; just take a look at the rotation of the planets, or the order of the cell structures in the human body; absolutely stunning! Now take a look at your inbox, your desk, your closets, your mind!
You see what I mean?

The most effective way to create order: get to work and create order. And give up that childish resistance and justifying it with telling yourself that within order you can’t feel free. Drop it.



Clarity is another word for simplicity. Simplicity means: space, order and clarity. Even in the complex structure of a molecule you can see simplicity, because what is there is space (between the particles), order and clarity; if you disturb any of these conditions, the molecule disintegrates.

In your life, non-simplicity is to be found everywhere where you are procrastinating, being indecisive, being inauthentic, being corrupt. I like to teach my students: “Clarity has no choice”. Reality is always clear!

But sometimes we don’t like it. Even that wouldn’t need to become a problem. If you don’t like it, make a decision on the spot: yes or no. Simple! But nothing in between. All your “yes, but” are creating non-simplicity. Then your mind doesn’t know what to do. And that creates overwhelm, hiding, and all the rest of it.

The most effective way to simplicity is to decide to be free to say yes or no, and to entirely mean it. For this moment. You don’t need to say yes or no to anything long-term (if you don’t want it). You live in the Here and Now and nowhere else. And in the eternal Here and Now, practice simplicity and see how your life starts opening up, your mind finding peace and your energy being unhindered and in flow.


Here’s to space, order & simplicity!

With love ❤, Marc