Conscious Choice – overcoming victimhood

The majority of people do not notice that their lives are ruled by the choices they make.

They think it’s the circumstances, destiny, the economy, the government,
the market, the health, and a myriad of other things.

They really don’t know! Do you?

Just because you don’t have much energy, do you think it’s because you don’t get
enough quantity or quality of sleep? Or because you don’t eat the right food?
Or because it’s in your genes?

Just because you don’t have a fulfilling, loving, precious relationship, do you think it’s because you haven’t found the right partner yet? Or because “that’s the way relationships go”? Or because you guys are too busy to learn each other’s love languages?

Just because you are not inspired by your life, do you think it’s because life is boring? Or because you haven’t found your true north yet? Or because you are born a Capricorn?

Just because you don’t have sufficient money, do you think it is because your job doesn’t pay well? Or because things are getting more and more expensive? Or because of the market conditions? Or because Facebook ads don’t work?

Just because you feel you “can’t, do you think it’s because you really can’t.
Or is it true that you are telling to yourself “I can’t”?

I tell you a simple truth:
You always have a choice!

And of course, each choice creates consequences.
And because you are allowing fear to be a reality for you, you pretend you can’t.

Welcome to the victim club.

Join the most popular community of the world!

The Buddhist say: “Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.”

I agree, we are not in the possession of the power to control all of our circumstances. “Life is happening, while we are busy making other plans.” John Lennon said. So, stuff is happening to us, people are happening to us.

But are you happening to life?

Or do you retreat to the club and join the pity party?
Circumstances may surely be horrific, tragic, awful – and all of that is causing pain. A good cry, a heartfelt solace, a moment of despair – we are all human.


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Today’s BONUS

Mental health tip:

Take what you get.
And don’t take, what you don’t get.


With love ❤, Marc