ENERGY – how to activate it all!

Some time ago a designed a wrist band “I AM NOT A PERSON: I AM AN ENERGY” inspiring people to wear it as a reminder of an ancient as well as latest scientific fact. Physics and neuro science are in agreement with the Rishis who 5000 years ago said: “Spanda karikas” – everything is a pulse.

Modern physics has left the material dimension a long time ago when technology allowed experiments below the atomic level all the way to the quants, quarks and “god particles”.

So, on the most subtle level we are indeed energy. And not only us, but everything in the known universe. Even space is not empty as we know today. On that level everything merges into everything else, everything is connected – meaning everything communicates and impacts everything else.

The visual appearance of separation is an optical illusion in our brain. If our brain wouldn’t translate the incoming light – which again is nothing but energy – into a 3D-illusion, we only would see an infinite, colorful ocean of energy.

Concluding on the foundation of this perspective one can easily see that everything we are exposed and connected to – internally and externally – is impacting our energy, our electromagnetic field that surrounds our body (aura).




Based on an understanding of the above, we can do much more than maximizing our energy within our personal energy field. We can access the infinite reservoir of energy available outside of our own field.


Imaging you would open up your personal energy field and
allow energy in from the infinite energy field (universe)?


If yes, how is that done? Open your borders. Consider that over time you have built and sustained many borders. Every righteousness, every fixed position is a border, a wall. Every emotional blockage is a border. Every fear and worries create borders. In most cases the human being lives in an invisible prison.


OPENING UP means breaking down your wall.


Giving up your defensive BS. Dropping your righteousness. Letting go of all the wrong-making that you hold up in order to feel a false sense of self-validation. Opening your heart by forgiving the unforgivable. Opening your body by treating it better and giving it the exercises it needs.

Our energy field consistently is expanding or contracting,
sometimes dramatically, often just subtly. However it always can be sensed.

The contraction or expansion happens horizontally and vertically.
Vertically it means that our energy ascends or descends; we can call it high and low frequency. The higher our energy ascends the better our lives work, the better the law of attraction can serve us and closer we come to our divine source. The contrary is also true,
the more we allow our energy to descend the less our life works,
the lonelier we feel and the harder our destiny gets.

If you start with my recommendations and put them into practice,
then you can expect more and more energy flowing to and into you.

You soon will be able to fly.

You will meet others who are already flying,
and together you can reach the rainbows.


Here’s to your wings!


With love ❤, Marc