Does your mind take you seriously?

Today a lot is known about the mind. But little is known about what is beyond the mind; few have travelled that far – because you can’t go beyond the mind by using the mind.

Scientists are using the mind to explore and understand the mind. Great! But limited. Since we all live with and by our mind, it is critical to know what your mind is, how it works, its strengths and weaknesses.

But there is one problem: the mind of most people doesn’t take them seriously. And just like a horse does what it wants if it doesn’t feel the presence of a master, minds do the same.

The human mind is the most incredible thing. But what good is it, if you own the most incredible horse but can’t ride it? Worse: it rides you!


I indicated it already above, because your horse, your mind doesn’t take you seriously. For good reasons:

1.You haven’t show efforts to learn to ride the horse

2.or you didn’t learn it correctly

3.Your behavior is far from demonstrating that you are in control. (You can’t even control time; e.g. check how often you are late or how often you tell yourself that you don’t have time.)

4.You still live inside the superstition that you are the mind (to end this superstition you’d need to set your awareness free, so you can experience that you are unlimited and then yes, you have a mind, just as you have a body.)

If you were your mind, would you respect yourself? Exactly.

Just to be clear: your mind’s conscious activity is what you experience by the voice you hear in your head. It talks to you endlessly. It talks stuff you didn’t ask for, isn’t it so? It doesn’t shut up when you command it to do so, isn’t it? It keeps you awake at night when you want to sleep.

That voice is your mind in action. And if you have awoken some awareness you can testify that it never stops. People use drugs and distractions of all sorts to numb themselves to have a break from the voice. You know that.

If you still trying mind control from within your head, you’re wasting your time, didn’t you notice?

How do you tame a wild horse and bring it under your control?

You do that by your presence! The presence of a master, the presence of power. But how can your mind feel you’re sitting on it, if you are inside the mind? You need to get outside of your mind if you ever want to gain control over it.

Otherwise accept your life-long sentence.

Outside the mind is stillness, infinity, love. You can experience this by unleashing your awareness. Your awareness is tied down into an invisible cube inside your mind – people mean that when they say “I’m in my head”.

The binds of your awareness are:

? you thinking that you are your thoughts and that your thoughts are yours.

? you believing that you are in your head (philosophically referred to as the “illusion of the Cartesian theatre)

? You believing that your feelings are something special, while in fact they are your thoughts made denser, so your emotional body can experience the sensation as a “feeling”.

Try this: take your awareness off your thoughts and emotions and set it free – like taking a bird out of its cage… can you do that? If you could, you’d be free.

Meditation – the right kind – and study of the right teaching will give you that power.

Then your mind recognizes a presence – the master has returned. And it will follow your every command. Every “shhh!” instantly makes it shut up. It will follow your will.

That’s what evolution had in mind when it gave the human being the mind.


With love, ❤️Marc


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