Expand versus Contract

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If you not expand, you contract – if you not contract, you expand. This is the universal principle of energy. Science says that energy does never stand still, it always moves. If you take this narrative into account, the entry statement starts making sense. Now how to translate it?

The enlightened perception of reality sees the world as a movement of energy. The various energy frequencies received by the 5 senses of the human body are rendered in our brain to create the experience we are having. The way your see the world is made up in your brain. It’s your movie, your ‘maya’. 97% of energy that is “out there”, the senses are not able to receive or/and the brain filters what it deems useful for its host, you.

As your body is composed of 50-70 trillion cells (80% of which is water), and as we know when we break down each cell into molecules and then atoms and then subatomic particles and so on, you end up arriving at pure energy. Which means you are a cluster of energy moving through energy on a planet spinning in an unfathomable gigantic universe.

That’s not fiction, that’s a fact.

Now, that last upset that disturbed you so much and kicked you out of happiness and balance… that one yes, was in essence nothing but a movie made up by your brain’s rendered energy. For you it’s damn real, I know! But if you get more into a sober awareness of what’s really going on, you will laugh out loud! ?

You can’t stop energy from moving. Life IS movement, and you are right in the middle of it… a tiny wave in an infinite ocean. You can’t control the ocean, but




✔ Consider that when you contract, your life ceases to work: all sorts of trouble, disaster, worry, fear, breakdowns, loss and destruction occur.

✔ Vice versa, when you expand, your life starts to work, better and better as you expand more and more: healing, abundance, freedom, serenity, ease, flow, good fortune, grace and blessings occur.


IN ORDER TO CONTROL YOUR ENERGY you need to have understood energy, accept what you see and learn to become more and more conscious, so subconscious contraction patterns can’t hijack you any longer. They will until you become conscious of it, and – equally important – LEARN HOW TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THESE SABOTEURS AND GET BACK INTO EXPANSION.

If you are contracted and you don’t shift into expansion first before anything else, then you will resist, fight, flee or go into denial. But all of that is keeping you even more stuck in contraction.

Contraction means you are shrinking, you become small. The smaller you become, the denser and harder you become. And what you are, you attract alike. That’s how life works. Simple and impersonal.

I share the whole of this knowledge in full depth with a wealth of transformational exercises in our Creative Consciousness® 4-day program “Conscious Living 3” (info here).

Can you consider transforming your life into a masterpiece by stopping trying to resolve the countless conflicts in your life by strategies coming from contraction?

Remember: If you not expand, you contract – if you not contract, you expand. You can’t stop the movement, you can’t stop life. But you can learn to live more and more in expansion and divorce the addiction to contraction.

You need to wake yourself up, nobody but you can do that. Yes there is help, but the decision is yours. You need to dearmor your heart. You need to purify your mind.

Leave the familiar land of contraction and join the movement of expansion.




With love, ❤Marc