How to Get Over Resistance

Let’s start with the morning: do you joyfully jump out of bed, bright eyed and bushy tailed – or do you resist the intrusion of the alarm clock or the daylight poking you to get up? Do you hear that sweet little voice whispering in your heart to meditate for a bit? But do you resist that voice telling yourself that you don’t have time? And this impulse to check your day in the context of your week, and so create clarity in your mind on what the priorities are that deserve prime attention? If you followed that, the world of urgencies would only get your attention after that. Are you resisting this impulse? While fully knowing that this resistance is rather stupid?

And that hug you just got from your partner! Did you resist that too? Partly, huh? Or were you fully present? No, a part of you was already half on the way to the office. And in the traffic, do I need to say anything about resistance there? Really?

And your job? Zero resistance? Fantastic! Stop reading and celebrate your life. Aha, I got you – like 99% of the others, you too resist your job. Truth be told, if you had 100 Million U$ in your bank account, would you continue exactly what you do? You wouldn’t.

Resisting to say yes. Resisting to commit. Resisting to wait. Resisting to work 2hrs longer. Resisting to accept support. Resisting to give up a bad habit. Resisting to see an inconvenient truth. Resisting to invest. Even resisting resistance.

Resistance gives you a false sense of power.

Saying no flatters your ego and boosts your vanity. It’s all self-delusion.

Before I go on, maybe we should start really with the core: maybe you resist life itself? I mean: participating in life. Most people are resisting to be fully alive. Sounds weird, I know, but take a look… don’t you feel that while you are trying to accelerate your life, you always unconsciously have your foot on the brake at the same time? Giving up all your resistance would mean an instant energy shot of gigantic dimensions, because all your life you have been resisting.

Resistance has become your way of life.

The moment you stop pushing against life, all that energy that you have been using day by day to generate resistance is now free. Boooom! Were you wondering what aliveness really feels like? Here, you’ve got it! Without any side effects!

You may think that resistance protects your interests. Yes, but whose interests? Your ego’s interests to never be wrong and rather be miserable, poor and lonely but right? Whose interests? Your subconscious wounded, scared, damaged ego’s, which believes it is not good enough, not worthy, not deserving, etc.? Whose interests? Your perfectionist’s, who never feels complete, never fulfilled, never liberated? Whose interests? Your anxiety’s, which worries by default about everything and nothing?

Do you still really think that resistance has YOUR best interests in mind?

I dare you to doubt. The price for a false sense of being protected by your energy of resistance is huge: that price is your life! Even biologically, you are losing plenty of years hosting the energy of resistance. But life is more than biological survival.

If you dare to challenge yourself to take life for a test ride one day, without resistance, you will set yourself up for meeting an army of unrecognized resistances against your attempt to experience how things are without it. Even if you just get more suspicious with regard to your inner “best friends”, your “gut feeling” and so on, it’s a good thing because you will move faster and more consciously towards what everyone is moving towards: sweet and liberating surrender to life itself.

With love ❤, Marc Steinberg