A Week Later Back to Normal?

So often, graduates share with me that after having attended a Creative Consciousness® training, they’re “flying.” They experience energy, courage, positivity, expansion, power, clarity, purpose, love… And then after a week, everything seems to go back to normal.

Why does it seem as though transformation doesn’t last? Let me share my perspective with you. I believe that once you are aware of all the dynamics that are happening and understand all parts involved, you can make powerful choices that allow your transformation to last and expand and eventually become your way of life.

When you are in the state of transformation, you are in a different matrix.

Your mind and your brain are operating in a different realm of language. See, when you are participating in our trainings or retreats, you expose yourself to different thoughts, different perspectives, different ways of languaging the world; both your inner and outer world.

What you experience is a direct result of the language you run inside your mind. Good language, good experience; bad language, bad experience.

The common standard matrix (reality) is a massive network of language into which you wake up every morning; and this matrix isn’t composed of a language that leaves a human being happy, expanded, connected and powerful.

So when you are living for 4 or more days in a different matrix (I’m talking about a Conscious Living 1, a Soul Retreat or any other program on the Creative Consciousness Journey), your mind and brain literally change according to the language in which these programs are created and facilitated.

When you are back in the common standard matrix (CSM), you come back with a different mindset and a different brain.

Now your transformed inner world meets the common standard world. You are a fish back in the ocean of the standard reality. And guess how long you can keep your mind and brain transformed in that context? You can maintain it, but to do that you need to equip yourself. If you do nothing, your mind and brain will be re-polluted by the language soup of the CSM. And experience is always a result of what’s true for your mind and brain.

Understand that the above empowers you to make a choice. You have a choice to not allow the CSM to swallow you again.

I wish we lived in a transformed CSM and nobody needed to roll up their sleeves and seriously get to work in order to protect their inner world and keep their own matrix alive. But we don’t live in that world. Not yet. Most likely, we will not live there soon, and certainly not tomorrow. Maybe one day! Accepting these facts is the first step into your maturity.

Do you choose to drop your naïve hopes and beliefs that you can miraculously enjoy transformation without any more serious work from your side?

If so, examine this…

How do you keep your new inner world clean and unaffected?

1. The future is now. One of the most effective guardians of your mindset and brain condition are the commitments you live into. That means that when you promise yourself something and demonstrate integrity by signing up for it, your brain accepts that future reality (what you promised to do) as a given in the now. If you just wish or intend or consider, your brain doesn’t do anything because for the brain, what’s “real” is only what is real for you. As long as you don’t commit, it’s not real. Commitment is the power that creates reality; first within and then without.

2. Make choices that are in alignment with your transformed mind and brain. Playing with fire is stupid and doesn’t prove what an adorable hero you are. Your mind and brain become what you expose them to very, very fast. There are red flags–warning lights–that can alert you, but you need to have the ability and sensitivity to recognize them. For example, when the energy in your body contracts or expands, or how the structure of your body water crystals feel (NB: your body consists of 80% water), and other sensors that tell you yay or nay with regard to all the choices you have to make day by day.
Going into a transformational training or retreat and afterwards making exactly the same choices as before will put you exactly back to where you were. To resist this simple logical fact only brings back your familiar suffering. Like it or not, that’s how it is.

3. Practice! Grow your muscles of transformation. Get a bit stronger every day. In Creative Consciousness®, we give you many practices you can do every day. As you brush your teeth and take a shower, so engage in practices that make your transformation a permanent reality.

4. Clean out your backyard. You only have conscious access to about 10% of your psychology; the rest is under the surface of your awareness. You need to engage in environments and processes that heal your childhood wounds, that complete your inauthentic actions that caused harm to you and others, that de-armor your heart and that kick you out of your nest (comfort zone) so that you can experience that you have wings and you can fly.

5. Open your eyes! This means study, learn and integrate what reality really is, who you really are and how that which we call “life” really works. You have to enlighten yourself if you desire transformation to be your daily life experience. Remember, no angel is applauding your heroism in enduring and surviving in the CSM.

6. Keep your ego at bay. The ego is the only reason that the CSM can get the better of you, time and again. The ego is your identification as you experience yourself on a normal day-to-day basis. You cannot win against your ego. You only can steal yourself away.
The strength and persistence of your ego (and therefore your bondage to the CSM) is a matter of how good a student you are. If you are a master student, you will grow beyond your ego very fast. It also depends on the quality of teacher you have chosen. To have no teacher and tell yourself that you are a student of life is a sweet story, however self-delusion. You are kidding yourself. The real teacher is a stance outside of your ego and therefore a power that can actually help you. By the quality of your teacher and your quality of being a student, your journey is unfolding.

You can have transformation.

I promise. It can’t be given to you, only offered. You need to take it. It was, is, and always will be entirely up to you. You have no choice regarding your awakening. If you don’t listen to the words of the teachers, life will teach you in any way possible (in other words: suffering). Grow you must. The one choice you have is whether you will grow through suffering or through co-operation.

The good news is that you’re not alone.

Many of us are on THE JOURNEY. Many of us have woken up and accepted what is. And the more of us convert from suffering to co-operation, the easier and lighter THE JOURNEY becomes.

With love, ❤ Marc Steinberg