Create Your Life with Your Light

We humans are absolutely incredible beings. Our potential is unfathomable. I am not speaking about those geniuses we sometimes read about in the newspaper, like the 8-year-old boy with an IQ of over 200 who graduated from university already; I’m talking about you and me.

Every day we are challenged to make dozens of conscious and thousands of unconscious choices.

And each choice contributes to the shape our life takes, some more and some less. This power to make conscious choices is phenomenal as is our direct access to shape and create our lives from vision, from inspiration, from greatness.

Or not… And that’s the next fascinating thing about human beings; we are given free will, meaning we have the power to choose whatever we want. No one can limit our ability to choose. We, and we alone are the masters of our power to choose. But then, why are so many of us not living by creation but reaction? Not living by vision but by fear? Not demonstrating our potential but hiding in the shadows?

The answer is: ignorance.

We don’t know who and what we actually are as human beings. Each of us knows who we are as a person, but not what kind of being we really are. If we knew that–really knew that–we’d make different choices, which would lead to different actions and different results, and therefore a different life.

This KNOWING of who we really are as human beings is the only thing that really matters. Without it, we don’t know how to love and sustain loving relationships. We don’t know how to shine and share our light. We don’t know what the world really is, and therefore continue living within the limitations of the global superstitions that tell us we are limited.

There is something in YOU that cannot die, that consistently pokes you, that is 24/7 busy waving at you through all possible means. Let’s call that “your LIGHT.” It speaks to you as that delicate, very silent voice. It pokes you through symptoms in your body that you should read. It visits you in your dreams. It sends you massive wake-up calls by what you call “destiny” (mostly misinterpreted as ‘good luck’ or ‘bad luck’). The challenge is to READ all of these messages and UNDERSTAND them, so we can make our choices in congruency with our LIGHT.

It sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? Then why is it so difficult?

The answer is: fear. Almost all the choices we make every day, every week, every month, every year are based on fear, not on light. Only very rarely is it wise to listen to fear and run; very, very rarely! We are no longer being hunted by tigers.

Have you ever noticed that we never need to ask, “What would fear do?” That’s because it is our daily way of life. Very few people on rare occasions ask, “What would my light do?” From there, the question is whether one has the courage to act on the answer.

But while all this is happening 24/7, our LIGHT keeps poking us from within. Sometimes we hear it and call it conscience, intuition, will of the heart, etc. But often we don’t act on it. Why? Fear! Our lifestyle has become a way to numb ourselves, so the POKING doesn’t “disturb” us. We don’t want to confront that we’re slowly dying in our jobs, that we suck in our relationships, that we’re rookies when it comes to self-love, and that we are pathetic when it comes to being a benediction to others and the world. We don’t want to face those inconvenient truths.

And so the POKING continues and our escape from it, too. Until… WHAM! Another inconvenient wake-up call. But again, instead of learning the lesson and choosing to listen to our light, we instead try to fix “the problem” so we can continue in sweet ignorance.

Following the light begins with a decision: “I’ve had it with the shadows!”

This needs to be a cry for freedom–a rebellion against fear and antagonism–on the level of energy one generates when their head has been held under water….a bit longer….and longer….and then, a power unknown to most people suddenly rises from within. THAT is the rise of greatness in you. THAT is the awakening of the giant in you. That’s the TURNING POINT.

How hard must destiny work on you for you to GET IT? Well, the cosmic joke and answer is: not at all! You could simply accept that the turning point is YOU. When you do, you’ll see that the door of your prison was always open… And you’ll walk out.

Your light is just a decision away.

With love, ❤ Marc Steinberg