The dying of 2023 and the birth of 2024 is soon to be experienced around the world (depending on the different cultures of course). The rhythm of life is a rhythm of polarities, inhale and exhale.

This movement is the foundation for all of life.

REBIRTH is when the OLD is really gone, finished, destroyed.

Then there is SPACE for the really NEW to be born, brought forth, created.

If you become conscious of this, fully conscious,
you could make GREAT use of it.

 Why? Because there is GREAT possibility
in the last moments of the exhale and the first moments of the inhale.

The possibility of A NEW BEGINNING.

Warning: if you let this unconsciously happen, it will just be another breath,
another year , more of the same in a different way.

But if you are conscious when the last moments of the exhale are about to come,
the last days of 2023, you can consciously LET GO of what you don’t want to carry over
into the new inhale, the new year.

This LETTING GO (and be done with it) is incredible powerful.

Wouldn’t you want to get rid of old stuff?

Of bad habits, negative thinking, fears, worries, pain?

I’m sure you would. Who wouldn’t?

Then why are you holding on to them and taking them over into the new inhale, the new breath, the New Year 2024?

LETTING GO is an art; it isn’t done by just trying or wishing or setting an intention.

There is a psychological attachment to your negative stuff, which makes it very sticky.

You need to become conscious of your Ego’s PROFIT and let go of that first.

It’s a process I help people with since decades.

THEN you become LIGHTER; and only when you are LIGHT you can exit your inner misery.

Now the SPACE FOR THE NEW is wide open and invites you to FILL IT!

Filling 2024 with what? Exactly that is THE QUESTION isn’t it?

And the only full-FILLing way to FILL 2024 is when you put


? You don’t want a Ferrari and be miserable behind the wheel, do you?

? You don’t want your investments rise 30% and have broken relationships, do you?

? You don’t want a fit, slim body and have a lousy immune system, do you?

That’s why I say, first things first. But what are these “first things”? 


Your SOUL’s wishes,

your HEART’s desires,

the FEELINGS you want to feel

and the STATE OF MIND you want to enjoy.

Then, and only then come the MATERIAL THINGS.

Makes sense?

Great, then you need to dig into the required awareness
that allows you the get all the right answers in order of priority.

If you FILL YOUR 2024 this way, you will be FULL-FILLED,
powerful, flowing, successful and loving.

And that is my wish for you.

With love ❤ Marc

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