I spare you a long introduction. The toughest decision you could make, ever, is to become unconditionally happy. I’m serious.

What all human beings by default have in common is wanting to become happy,
but conditionally!

What’s the difference? It’s gigantic.

Everyone projects their conditions into life, e.g. “If only I had…., then I’d be happy”, “Once I got …….., then I’m gonna be happy”, “When I have done this, accomplished that… then I will be happy” and so on and so forth.

How did that approach worked out for you so far?


What blows my mind is the fact that everyone keeps going with this approach although there is no evidence that it ever will work; it’s just a fantasy with which we are mesmerizing ourselves 24/7.

Nobody wants to suffer, agreed.

Happiness is something we know how it feels and we want more of it, agreed. And if it doesn’t work externally, well let’s try to become happy internally, agreed.

So, once the Chakras are purified, the Yoga Asanas not being painful anymore, the childhood traumas released, the reunion with the universe established, etc. then one is supposed to be happy.

NOT agreed.

It’s the same childish approach as before! 

The first tough thing to confront and accept is: there is no happiness in conditional happiness. Sometimes you get lucky and have your honeymoon. But it’s scheduled to wither away, inevitably.

Ok, if you read up to here, I got your attention. Good.

Now let’s look at unconditional happiness and what that means.

That means, you are happy for no reason.

You don’t need a reason and you don’t want a reason.

How to get there?

 Easy, just drop all ideas about what your ego thinks it needs in order to be happy. Life will throw at you in its daily process all the conditions and situations that may trigger unhappiness. And each time you have been hijacked into unhappiness you simply let go of whatever “If only….” has you in its grip. Over time you transcend layer by layer of all the conscious and subconscious stuff that you collected during your decades of delusion.

That’s really it. And that is all. 

In this process you will experience a very interesting thing: You’re face to face with one of your conditions (“If this or that….then I will be happy”) and you remember me saying “drop it”.

And you see that something in you doesn’t want to drop it.

It wants to remain addicted to that silver lining on the horizon of hope in midst of a dessert of misery. Or it wants to be right, that it can’t and must not be that easy.

Guess what, drop that stuff too!  

Just don’t hold on to this insanity any longer that never worked out for you in the first place.

Buddha is known to have said:

“There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path!”


With love ❤ Marc