Level 2 of Consciousness: BELONGING

stage 2 - belonging

Point of focus: feeling connected

Ruled by: instinct

Fears: Loneliness, not being loved, not making it, rejection

Reaction context: taking attention, taking time, taking advantage

Creation context: not available (the brain’s R-system is reigning)

Leads to: jealousy, neediness, attachment, addiction, manipulation, conforming


Being accepted is very important for you and gets translated into a tribal mentality. You like to belong to a group, a tribe, an organization, a party, a network or a family. You follow the rules and rituals of your tribe. The importance of the codes of conduct of your group are evaluated by their level of acceptance within the tribe, rather than by the merit of the rules themselves. You are very respectful to your elders, leaders and other group members, easily loosing yourself in the heard. Persons outside the tribe are viewed as less important, inferior or even dangerous.

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Main challenge: Your fear of rejection makes you vulnerable and corrupt. This leads to strong attachments; and with attachments come sooner or later inevitably suffering. No amount of precaution, best intentions, faith and fixing can prevent that. You will be able to break through this level of consciousness once you release the fears of your ego that are keeping you in a dependency-based experience and you can feel safe and loved without depending on others.


Our coaching question for you: “How can you improve the feeling of being connected to yourself?”

Your mantra: “I am connected”

One of the core principles of the Creative Consciousness® teachings – as taught in our “Master 1” training – focusses on how the ego identifies with things, people and organizations in order to feel safe and in control. Learning about and becoming aware of the workings of one’s ego puts you more and more in charge of it.


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