Level 5 of Consciousness: AUTHENTICITY

Level 5 - Authenticity

Point of focus: finding the meaning in your existence

Ruled by: integrity, authenticity, honesty, creativity, passion

Fears: not being true, wasting time, living a meaningless life

Reaction context: taking charge, taking on

Creation context: giving love, giving truth, giving presence, giving depth


Your state of consciousness is on a level that allows you to feel not only yourself but also the world you live in. You experience a calling to make a difference. You feel that you have something in you that is a gift to the world. And you often feel the pain of not knowing how to express this gift. 

Love is your moral standard. The question that can support you on a daily base is: “What would love do?”. You have developed a level of compassion that has become a globally useable skill and can be extended to others.

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Main challenge: To unify the outer and the inner world. You suffer because of the many times when you experience a discord between what you think-feel and your external reality. Only in moments of authenticity you feel peace of mind and a connection to your essence.

Our coaching question for you: “What would I express if I had no limits and no fears?”
Your mantra: “I am true”


One of the core principles of the Creative Consciousness® teachings – as taught in our “Master 1” training – says that the inner and the outer are already always in sync, however most of the time not in sync with our essence. Until our essence is recognized and accepted, the conflict between the inner and the outer remains. Master 1 is an opportunity for experiencing your essence.


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