Level 7 of Consciousness: TRANSCENDENCE

stage 7 - transcendence

Point of focus: non-minding service

Ruled by: liberation, dancing in the Here and Now, spontaneity, compassion, humility, celebration

Fears: not applicable

Reaction context: not applicable anymore

Creation context: giving love, giving light, giving way

At this level of consciousness, a sense of the divinity of all things emerges. You are the first level that is not fighting with other levels of consciousness. You believe that every level has its reason for being and you see value in each and one of them. You are non-manipulative, and you don’t need to force people to be what they are not.

Your ability to perceive has shifted from the harmonic interaction of disparate parts to a holistic view of all reality. All the parts of the universe are seen as an organic whole expressing itself in limitless ways.


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Main challenge: You are challenged now to confront the deepest levels of attachment: attachment to making a difference, attachment to the light, attachment to doing good. Letting go of the lighthouses that guided your way all along is maybe the most difficult thing you ever took on; and yet it is the only thing that still binds you to your “enlightened identity”. 


Our coaching question for you: “What must I allow for to dissolve into unconditional trust?”
Your mantra: “I am light”


One of the core principles of the Creative Consciousness® teachings – as taught in our “Master 1” training – points to the fact that anything that comes from a concept (may it be the most wonderful and beneficial concept in the world) is nevertheless a concept. Where concepts live is in the mind. The liberation the heart and soul of a human being seeks is beyond the mind. And it is ‘beyond the mind’ that is the essence of our teachings.

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