Make this year a Masterpiece!

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As the silver lining of the end of 2021 is slowly appearing on the far away horizon on the wheel of time, a reflection still in time may be allowed: “making this year a masterpiece?”.

On the evening of Dec 31st 2021, what would you be proud to look back to? That you survived?
Well, yes – let’s never take life for granted. If you were unfortunate and in struggle with life
yet victorious I whole-heartedly salute you.

Everyone else, what did you do for your higher development?

See, evolution has two stages: survival and higher development.

What has been your higher development? And is your answer making your soul smile, your heart glow, your spine straight and your chest expanded?

If not – and I so wish everyone had the courage to be incorruptibly honest with themselves – then you still got time! In 3 months you can achieve A LOT! Is it quantity? Is it quality? Both? You decide.


At the end of 2021 there are two groups of people: those who have accomplished
and those who have a story to tell why not.

Your decisions TODAY determine to which group you will belong.


Do you know the silent disappointment in yourself, to again having finished a year with yet another story to tell why it didn’t work out the way you hoped it would?

The next chapter on top of many others that tell us what you saw could be possible for you, but then you didn’t invest in yourself enough to make it happen.

Seriously: what’s holding you back from BEING GREAT? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Greatness is not something in comparison and competition with others, standards, idolisms.


Greatness is, when your soul smiles,
your heart glows and your energy is upright and complete.

Do you want to feel that?

Are you worth yourself enough to make that happen?


I will be in Egypt on a Nile cruise on a private Dahabeya for New Year’s Eve 2021 – together with 16 students and journeyers of consciousness, we complete 2021 beginning Dec 29th, and create 2022 from 1st-4th January 2022.

Since a decade now I spend New Year’s at our New Year Creation Retreat, and I witness this every year when leading the participants through this unique process:


when people get really honest with themselves, there is a genuine regret and
sorrow to have let themselves down – measured against their potential. 

Prevent this from happening this year!


Take a moment and ask yourself: what would make this year a masterpiece? And listen to  your Soul, your heart, your higher Self what they have to answer. And then ACT! Give your absolute best.


The results never determine your fulfillment, but your engagement does.

Are worth yourself enough to go out fully and act?


Create the life you love to live!