Move like Water

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WATER! WOW. Really, wow!

Besides water being the foundation for all physical and biological life, it is also a superior teacher, if you really observe it. FLOW is its way. Zero resistance.

If you chill it, it just changes form and becomes ice. If you heat it, it becomes vapor. If you block it, it moves left or right. Block this too, it moves down or up; or flows backwards in order to find a different angle to flow to its destination. It doesn’t change its nature. It doesn’t question its destination. It isn’t confused about its purpose.

What if we could live, move like water?

  • What if we stopped trying to be someone better, someone else – and enjoy effortlessly our NATURE?
  • What if we gave up fighting and resistance – and enjoy to FLOW?
  • What if we stopped trying to find or questioning our destination – and TRUST?
  • What if we dropped all fears of scarcity – and witness, what flows away from us here, flows back to us in another form there, and never anything gets lost? Water vaporises and leaves the ocean, gathers as clouds in the sky, and rains back onto earth and the rivers bring it back into the ocean. Does the ocean need to worry?

You may know that the human body consists 70-75% of water?

Water is not a thing, it is ALIVE!

What would change if we stopped treating our bodies like things, but treating them like a living being?

Why have we become so ‘un-waterly’?

 The answer is: fear. It is fear that enslaved humanity. Fear is darkness (symbolically speaking). Fear is what the powers use to control and manipulate people.

What is the root of all fear? It is the unsafety regarding survival. If survival was given unconditionally, fear would disappear. That’s why those individuals, who have everything, want one thing more than anything else: immortality.

Humanity has the technology today to feed, shelter and care for everyone without any problem at all. The solutions for a world that doesn’t need to fear do exist.

All it needs is a shift of the mindset, the individual one and consequentially in time the collective. But how to bring about a shift of the mindset? How to rise above fear?

What would water do?

Restore your relationship to water, externally and internally. Reawaken your ability to feel your water (remember your body consists of 70-75% of water). In any situation when you lost your flow, ask yourself: “If I was water, what would my water do?”


Move like water,  ❤ Marc