Your mind has been programmed to create negative stories.

Exhausted? Tired? Fed up? Desponded? Anxious? Numb?


All these are NOT caused by the world, by reality –
but by your interpretation of it.


You can’t change WHAT IS, but you can change how you see it,
what story you create about it. It is this story that is causing your brain to react,
and consequentially your emotional and physical body.


Your brain reacts to your STORY about reality, not to reality itself.


Usually by your negative feelings you become self-aware of your suffering.

Your reflex will be to run away into distractions. This may rescue the moment,
but won’t change the pattern. It will happen again and again.


Try to not run away and take a moment to look.

Look at the story (the voice in your head) that runs.


Now verify in your awareness that you, who looks is not the story.
So, there is YOU=awareness and THAT=the negative story.

In this state of consciousness you now can LET GO of taking this story as the truth,
and create a better one. Story is story. The way you feel end experience life is a continuous consequence of the stories you allow in your head.

There are the reactive ones, and then there are the created ones, the ones’ YOU have chosen to tell yourself.

This is your path to reset what’s allowed to be in your mind.


If you don’t wake up and create better stories,
you will remain a victim of your default stories, which are almost always negative.




If you want to be happy you need to become a Self-Disruptor
and create the state of mind you want to experience.


This process is called ‘Awakening’.


With love ❤ Marc