If you are a spiritual athlete and money isn’t your concern,
enjoy your life and a thousand blessings to you.

For everyone else, I write this blog. Let’s get straight into it.


You are not living AN AUTHENTIC LIFE.

You live a template adopted from your parents, society, the movies or god knows where from. But it’s not you! Test: imagine fate puts a hundred million dollars legally into your bank account. Would you continue the job you have, the relationships you have, the lifestyle you live?

No? I thought so.

You think an authentic life is only possible, when you have the means for it?

Wrong. Totally wrong.


You got to live authentically NOW in order for money to come to you happily and abundantly.

How to start living authentically? By stopping everything that is inauthentic. If it was easy, everyone would do it. The good news is, you are already ahead of everyone, because you are still reading this. By eliminating the inauthentic, that what is authentic begins to appear.


You are not CREATING.

You focusing way too much on managing your reactions. And then the day is gone and you don’t have energy anymore for creation. You soothe the pain by telling yourself “one day I will”.

That’s BS. You know it. I know it.

Speaking with 007: “Tomorrow never comes”.

You got to make this one change: Free up time in the morning for one hour of creation. Call it: “My Hour of Power”. Guard it like your life depends on it: no one (I mean no one!) must disturb you. During this hour, no emails, no social media, etc. …only you, your presence, your life, and looking forward! Every time your mind goes backwards, STOP IT.

Bend your attention FORWARD.

Work with these questions: If you were free, what would you create? If there were no restrictions, what would you create? If you were guaranteed success in anything you’d do, what would you create? And would you take a bullet for it?

Write down your answers. They may fluctuate. Let them simmer a few days. Reread them to yourself in your next Hour of Power. Tweak. Stay open for new answers. Do that until you feel with all your heart: THIS IS IT.


You are not ACTING.

Life is a process of energy exchange. Everything is energy and everything exchanges itself with everything else. And where are you in this equation?

Your “actions” are reactions in disguise. Activity is not causing money to come to you. Activity is a burden placed on you by modern slavery, called employment.

ACTION never comes “naturally”; you will need to force yourself to do ACTION. That’s what you have to power of your word for. You promise, and you act on it. It may feel artificial. It may feel “not-you”. Exactly!: not the old you!

Any NEW YOU will feel fake in the beginning. What have you expected?

Get over yourself and into action.

The law of attraction applauds ACTION.

Then MONEY is on its way to you.


With love ❤ Marc