As long as you have an Ego, your relationships are not safe.

Let’s talk about what is called the ‘Ego’. The Ego is a psychological cluster of everything you ever took personally, all the good and the bad. Life happens. When you take what’s happening personally, well, then it becomes part of your Ego. Over time – and it started when you were a toddler – the Ego became so big that you forgot about your authentic Self. Your self-identification and self-definition became the cluster of memories of everything you took personally. It is correct to say, that in your every-day experience, you ARE the Ego.

And this Ego – YOU – are smart. No one knows you better than your Ego. And, you’re not safe; not safe at all. Let me tell you the truth straight: the Ego claims to have YOU in its best interest, but it is a lie. The Ego has one drive, one motivation: its own survival. And if YOU get under the wheels in the process, the Ego couldn’t care less.

If it wasn’t for the Ego, you wouldn’t have addictions.

If it wasn’t for the Ego, you wouldn’t have a history of broken relationships.

The Ego will always try to talk you out of relationships. It just waits for moments of unawareness. All you will consciously experience is having suddenly tiny thoughts and feelings that “something is off”. These little snowballs you usually ignore. Bad choice! They become an avalanche before you know it.

Now you are in the conflict state. Here you are hectically negotiating with yourself. But you are not attending to the root, to where it all started. That’s why you won’t win. You will destroy your relationship, as brutal as it sounds. The conflict state can last for many years, even decades.

Why is the Ego destroying your relationships? Because the Ego tolerates only one relationship, and one relationship only – yes you guessed it right: you and it, the Ego.

Consequentially you end up in isolation, your inner invisible prison. All your efforts to build and sustain successfully relationships with anything and anybody will be in vain eventually.

Until you start getting it. Getting that the Ego is not your friend. Getting that you need to do something if you want to build lasting, fulfilling relationships. Until you get this, there is no hope – you will be played by a mechanism, that is as smart as you are, because it is you!

The real wake-up call is uncomfortable. If it is comfortable, you are just stepping into another nice movie in your land of hopium and fantasy.

Your potential of awareness can see all that with its own eyes – seeing is insight, not seeing is understanding. So be careful not the mistake a branch for a snake.

The very act of seeing all the workings of the Ego is your way out. But you will need to make the efforts to see it all; anything unseen will be again used against you. You can’t win the fight against the Ego, because who’s in the ring? You vs you.

Awakened Awareness is way.

It needs to be developed and stretched until you see IT ALL. This ‘seeing’ is your authentic Self. This presence of awakened awareness allows your heart to open, your life energy to flow, your light to expand. Then you are drinking from the fountain of life. And that’s what you came for in the first place. 😉

With love ❤ Marc