It is Thursday March 16th. I just came back from India. We, Jeela and I, and 12 participants travelled from Varanasi to Agra to Rishikesh to Pune.

The thing I want to share with you this today is, that there is hardly a better country than India when it comes to spinning you! What I mean by that is, almost every time you expect something to go a particular way, India will disappoint you, upset you, spin you.

Now you have two choices: get upset, blame the Indians, destiny, god


Stay centered and balanced within and move like water.

“Moving like water” is one of my favorite expressions and virtue to live by.

There is no power in blaming circumstances. They are not impressed.


What is, is. And that changes all the time.

If you go into the duality of “them fucked it up” then you are in the past (where all your stories live). While the water – the present moment – already has moved on again.


You are the least powerful when you are running behind the Here and Now!

But you can’t be in the past and the Here and Now at the same time. The past and the present are two different dimensions – there is no bridge, no connection.

To get from the past into the present you have to do the quantum leap: disappear from the past and emerge in the present. It’s instant. Die to your blame, guilt, shame, poor-me and all that inauthentic crap, and show up in the Here and Now and move like water!

Water is never in the past, is it? 


I created a 4-day process “Conscious Living 3” to teach people this principle, spiced with exercises to experience the reality of it. If it calls you, go here to learn more.

India graced us with many lessons. LOL.


Besides the “swim or sink” (aka “move like water”) summons, the KALI principle, the shadow world is breathing down your neck in India (if you don’t hide in luxury hotels far away from India’s everyday reality).

I created the Yatra (Sanskrit word for ‘journey’) in such a way that we were fully in IN-DIA, not in OUT-dia. Toilets with no paper, but a water basket, cow shit everywhere, noises (India is LOUD”), and the smells – OMW, yes, mind-blowing. And and and…

…now, what’s the point of all this? BASICS guys, basics!

If you can’t be with your shit, how can you be with other people’s shit?

Most people have become completely inauthentic, hiding securely behind their fake realities and then complaining that only very little PRANA (life energy) runs through their veins.

Don’t get me wrong: I love luxury, cleanliness, order, etc.

BUT I know of the existence of the shadows – our UNDERWORLD. 

And I know, the Shadows only allow you to be in the Light (the authentic one, ok?) when you own your darkness, your inconvenient truth, your shadows.

If you play ignorant, your shadows will have their way with you.

And yikes, here you go: burnout, depression, panic attacks, fears, destructive relationships, disaster, addictions, and so on and so forth.

The way to the light is not to bypass darkness but to go through it.

En-light-enment is liberation WITHIN the Whole of Existence,
not a cowardice hideaway. 


So, dear brave soul, I am offering you help. I come with you into your underworld.

And make sure that you don’t bail. That you recognize in the greatest darkness that

Once you experience that first hand and fully conscious,

you get the immense treasure box ‘handed to you by the god of the underworld, Hades’.

This year’s journey in your shadows takes place 20-27 May on Crete.

There are only 6 spaces left.
Click here for the details.

With love ❤ Marc