10 years old – I was still quite aloof, simple, drifting along the time at school, listing still to fairy tales being pressed on vinyl.

11.5 years old – BOOM! Sitting alone on the lawn of a hill slope at the foot of the Austrian alps, life totally took me by surprise: time stopped, space expanded and I was filled with so much bliss that the overflow resulted in a stream of tears. Something in me got born awakened. The experience was overwhelming, and all I knew was: THIS IS IT.

I have no recollection of how long this blessing lasted, but I returned home before sunset. The experience gradually withered away, but a new benchmark was set, a new ‘ME’ was born.

And so began my search for this paradisiac state of consciousness.


Did you too have a similar experience?

A glimpse of an entirely different state of consciousness?


The thing is, I could not forget this experience. And in contrast to it, the everyday common experiences of a conventional life were merely flat-lining.


Everyone has experienced turning points in their lives.


But if you ever have tasted that indescribable dimension of an awakened, wide open state of consciousness, you can’t ever be satisfied with anything less. And that dissatisfaction becomes a passion, a drive, a source of energy pulling you vehemently ‘home’ again.

This way home has become my greatest passion, and my mission to help my fellow human beings in their journey of re-unification with the lost paradise.


No amount of wealth, health and fortunate life circumstances can replace THIS, can it?


Do we have a choice?


Clarity has no choice.


Yes, you are free to postpone the way home as long as you please.

But you can’t erase that part in you that remembers.

You can’t. No one can.


The question is not “quo vadis?”,

The question is how long will you postpone the inevitable return to paradise?



With love ❤ Marc