August’s Coach in the Spotlight: Lisa Kretchmann

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My name is Lisa. I am German, living in Belgium. I work as a coach, personal development trainer, a yoga teacher and as freelance consultant for EU affairs and the paper related industries. I know this sounds like a lot of un-combinable things! I would have never believed it would be possible for me to do all the things I love doing. And to take the freedom to be independent and to work from wherever I want. But here we go. This is how it all started:

I participated in a Master 1 training from Creative Consciousness (Conscious Living 1) end of 2016. I´ll not expand into how I got there as it looks a bit like coincidences (in which I don´t believe anymore ?). I was not even aware that this training was also the starting point for a coach education – and I certainly did not have that in mind at that point. But it felt like my old world was falling apart and a lot of scary and exciting new things started emerging. I felt like having found the key to something new, the set-up of which was more than unclear – but I knew it was the chance to break free from a lot of things that I did not want to experience anymore: loneliness, addiction, constantly failing relationships, to mention some of them. So it was no question for me to not continue on this journey!

When a CC coaching education course was coming up I thought let´s do that one too, I am not into coaching but I am sure I will learn a lot of useful things about myself. And I did. And not only that:  I was blown away by the power of coaching. By what happens when you truly listen, when you are fully present physically, mentally, and emotionally to someone else. When just asking from genuine curiosity starts changing perspectives, bringing up answers and powerful insights.

When we change our perspective on the world, our world changes. Coaching is exactly about that. It´s helping to see things about ourselves that we have not seen, discovering our limiting beliefs and shifting our perspective on life. It´s so powerful. With each insight comes a new possibility, with each new possibility I came closer to the life I wanted to live. It is a journey, a beautiful one.

You cannot take your clients deeper than you have been going yourself. The CC coach education is a deep dive. It is about learning all the tools to become a coach and it is about going on an impactful journey of self-discovery.

Today I work with all I have learnt in CC as well as with techniques to access and use your intuition in a strategic way. I coach and I give workshops together with my partner on how to create from a source of intuition and inner power. Building my own business was (and is) a true challenge, pushing all my buttons. But you can´t learn to swim without getting wet. Doing what I do, supporting my clients to grow and strive keeps me on a path of continuous self-discovery. It´s fun and it´s confronting. And it´s the most rewarding thing I have ever done.


Yours truly,

Lisa Kretschmann


Tel: + 32 473 84 11 01