Level 4 of Consciousness: TRANSFORMATION

stage 4 - transformation

Point of focus: finding a new perspective on yourself, life and the universe

Ruled by: the commitment to personal development

Fears: taking the wrong route, not understanding, risking survival

Reaction context: taking control, taking responsibility, taking chances

Creation context: giving space, giving attention, giving thought, giving in, giving power


On this level of consciousness you have – consciously or unconsciously – started your JOURNEY of Self-realization and liberation. At this level of consciousness, your rational thinking predominates. You put logic and reason to use in evaluating situations and relationships. Your moral standard is viewed in terms of fairness, justice and effectiveness and the scope of consideration for applying these values typically extends beyond tribal boundaries.

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Main challenge: “Making it” and successfully satisfying your needs isn’t leaving your mind at peace anymore; you seek higher fruits but don’t know where to find them. “What do I really, really want?” is becoming the most important question in your life.

Our coaching question for you: “What can you let go of that has served you in the past but now has become a burden?”

Your mantra: “I am expanding”

One of the core principles of the Creative Consciousness® teachings – as taught in our “Master 1” training – gives you the experience of what is really possible for you; you experience states of freedom and power just like that. This authentic experience empowers you to confirm your choices and continue your journey.


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