Level 6 of Consciousness: HOLISTIC CHANGE MAKER

holistic change maker

Point of focus: living a holistic purpose

Ruled by: empathy, alliances, intuition, mentoring and focus on wellbeing
(physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), caring for humanity and the planet

Fears: not doing the essential

Reaction context: taking responsibility

Creation context: giving power, giving love, being true


Your consciousness has evolved to a point where you recognize the actualization of your sense of purpose. At this level of consciousness, the inherent value of all people and all levels of consciousness has become apparent. The various views, approaches and considerations of all the previous levels of consciousness are seen to function harmoniously rather than competitively. You experience a new level of unconditional joy, freedom and gratitude.

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Main challenge: Your problem is that only a very few are on the same level of consciousness as you are; as a result you’re fighting with 80% of Earth’s population for being narrow minded. You are challenged to not only be authentic in yourself but also in the world. The definition of authenticity gets expanded beyond your mind when you look from the perspective of the Whole. 
Our coaching question for you: “How can I allow for unlimited presence and connection?”
Your mantra: “I am all”

One of the core principles of the Creative Consciousness® teachings – as taught in our “Master 1” training – makes the old saying that the whole is more than the sum total of its parts a first-hand experience, which empowers you to translate that principle into holistic actions for the sake of the Whole.​​​​​​​

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