You have the key, but where is the lock?

You have a key, THE key. Really, you have it. You know what I mean? THE KEY! I can’t say it any louder I suppose.

Are you still asking me what key?

The key to all of your glory, essence, happiness, good fortune, health, energy, love, beauty, power, you name it!

And if you don’t believe this, well you have a key for that too: the key to trust, to believe, to know.

Why have you got this key?

Because you come from divine source – and no one comes from there without the key. This key is the answer to every question you have or can ask. This key unlocks all of your light, your glory, your powers and your greatness.

The only problem is: you (most probably) don’t know where the lock is!

The game of life is to remember where the lock is.

That’s really all there is to life at the end of the day. No matter what you do, how successful you are, you feel or are made to feel that what you are doing and having isn’t yet really it. Isn’t it so?

You only will experience having arrived when you found the lock for your key. Until then, you get pushed forward and forward and forward, often not knowing why.

The key is kind of magnetic, it seeks its lock. After all that’s the purpose of a key: to lock and unlock. Sometimes, accidently the key and the lock meet; and you experience a wholeness which one can say is not of this world. It is like life expands into more dimensions, you literally feel expanded, complete, whole and overflowing with love and gratitude. In this moment you feel without a doubt that “this is it”!

The reason why this transcendental experience of being alive is not lasting is because your key and its lock found each other accidently. Only when you realize that you are the key and consciously recognize what and where the lock is, and put the key into the lock and turn it the right way, then the doors to heavens open.

The key and the lock seek each other. The more energy you give to the key, the stronger its magnetism becomes and the stronger it pulls you towards the lock.

You have many pointers and guides on your journey.

Discernment helps you to make the right-for-you choices. Ultimately every key finds its lock. Your power lies in supporting this to happen.

In the old days we called it “alchemical wedding”. Today’s terms are Oneness, Wholeness, Integration, etc. Whatever the names are for this most precious unification, it is where everyone is pulled towards. This is the greatest longing; and as far as I am concerned the highest purpose of one’s life.

Be the key.

Find the lock.

With love, ❤ Marc Steinberg

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